Traveling While Pregnant

Posted by GPWHC on 15 July 2016
With summertime upon us, we wanted to explore the ins and outs of traveling while pregnant.  First, always check with your doctor prior to traveling, to discuss any possible complications related to your specific pregnancy that may occur while traveling, and what to do if problems arise.  Many doctors recommend carrying a copy of your medical records with you while traveling, and suggest you carry your prenatal vitamins and any necessary medications with you, should you get separated from your luggage. Be sure to ask your doctor if he or she recommends you wear special compression stockings while traveling for long periods of time, to help prevent blood clots.  

Even if you aren’t traveling far, always make sure to keep in mind your current physical state, and carry lots of water, healthy snacks, and sunscreen.  Comfortable shoes and clothes, even dressing in layers (if necessary) is always a good idea, especially while pregnant and traveling.  Luggage can be heavy, ask for help, or distribute the weight of your luggage into several smaller bags so you do not have to lift heavy suitcases.  All airports in the United States, and most worldwide, have some sort of security screening, if you feel concerned about radiation from metal detectors or scanners, tell security you are pregnant and request to be patted down instead.  

If traveling out of the country, be sure to discuss it with your doctor, no matter what stage in your pregnancy you will be during the trip.  There may be specific immunizations required to travel to some countries that you may or may not be able to have while pregnant.  Additionally, medical care can vary greatly in other countries, and arrangements should be made in the event of pre-term labor or other complications.  There are also viruses and illnesses specific to some countries or regions that can put you and your baby at greater risk, as well as different regulations regarding food processing and pasteurization. 

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